The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognised beer styles. For the second year running, Rye River Brewing Co are the most successful European brewery at this year’s competition! This is an outstanding achievement and perhaps our proudest to date considering the worldwide competition that we faced. Over 2000 beers from 30 countries around the globe were entered into this year’s competition to be judged by the panel of experts.

This year our McGargles Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA was awarded World’s Best IPA American Style – being the highlight of the awards for us.

We have also been awarded with 12 Country Style Winners. This includes 6 of our McGargles beers (Dan’s Double IPA, Daragh’s Session IPA & Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA, Ned’s Retro IPA, Bill’s Wheat IPA & Granny’s Red Ale), 2 for Crafty Brewing Company beers (American Style Brown Ale & American Style Pale Wheat Ale), 1 for Solas Hops & Grains beers (Brown Porter), 1 for Grafters (Kölsch Style) and 2 for our Rye River Seasonal range (Mother Pucker Blackberry Sour & Belgian Imperial Stout). Finally, we received, 1 Bronze Medal,  3 Silver Medals and 4 Gold Medals. You can check out our full list of winners and their categories below!

This has been our most successful year to date and it once again highlights the skill and dedication of our wonderful Brew Team & everyone else that is involved at Rye River Brewing Company.


List of Rye River Brewing Company Awards:

Style Winners:

IPA American: McGargles Dan’s Double IPA


Country Winners:

American-Style Brown Ale: The Crafty Brewing Company American Style Brown Ale

American-Style IPA: McGargles Francis’ Big Bangin IPA

Imperial/Double IPA: McGargles Dan’s Double IPA

Session IPA: McGargles Darragh’s Session IPA

Wheat Beer: The Crafty Brewing Company American Style Pale Wheat Ale

Porter: Solas Hops & Grains Brown Porter

Kölsch: Grafters Kölsch Style

English-Style IPA: McGargles Ned’s Retro IPA

Irish Red Ale: McGargles Granny’s Red Ale

Sour/Speciality: Rye River Seasonal Mother Pucker Blackberry Sour

Imperial Stout: Rye River Seasonal Belgian Imperial Stout



Gold Medal: Rye River Seasonal Miami J IPA

Gold Medal: The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Stout

Gold Medal: The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Red Ale

Gold Medal: McGargles Rosie’s Pale Ale

Silver Medal: The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Pale Ale

Silver Medal: McGargles Jim’s Stout

Silver Medal: Grafters Working Day IPA

Bronze Medal: Rye River Seasonal Just The Tipple Spruce Tip Saison