bavaria-logoAs an independent family business, Bavaria brewery takes up a unique position in the international beer market. The company is managed by the seventh generation of the Swinkels family. Apart from beer, Bavaria also produces Bavaria 0.0% non-alcoholic beer using a their own patented method to ensure that it is 100% alcohol free with 100% great taste you expect from a beer. In addition, they work closely with De Koningshoeven beer brewery (La Trappe), one of the 8 Trappist beer breweries in the world.

Bavaria is the only major beer brewer in the Netherlands to brew beer from pure natural mineral water from its own spring. As Bavaria also produces its own malt, the entire chain is under its own management. The malt houses in Lieshout and Eemshaven are owned by Holland Malt BV, a joint venture between Bavaria and Agrifirm, a farmers’ cooperative. This typifies the philosophy of the family business: beer of a constant high quality.