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Who we are

We are Rye River Brewing Company and we’ve been making great beer in Co. Kildare since 2013. Our approach to making beer is all about our values, our people and our process, and we think it’s a pretty good way of doing things.

We love beer, so when we started out it was our plan to make great tasting beer that people loved. We’ve grown a lot since then, taking on more brewers and beer lovers, experimenting, tasting, talking, trying, failing, trying again, and succeeding.

We make exclusive beers for some of Ireland’s biggest retailers including Lidl, Tesco and Dunnes, and while we’re big fans of kicking back and relaxing with a beer, we’ve no plans to stop growing.

Our Team

Our values ARE what guide us, but our people are what make us. We reckon if we get the culture right in our brewery, it sets the foundation for a place where our employees, our business and our beer BREWING will flourish.

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The Process

Quality and consistency. Making good beer, and making sure every drop of it is just as good. It’s what we live and breathe, so whether we’re working on a new flavour, or brewing a beer we’ve been brewing since we started off, we take the same approach.

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The Rye River Way

We’re big believers in teamwork. Beer has always been a social drink, so when we’re making it, it’s a collaborative process.

We always make sure we’re respectful of each other, our local community, of the environment, and of our customers and suppliers. We want to be the best at what we do, but we’ll humbly admit when we’ve got it wrong.

Quality Is a way of life
Respect is central to our culture
We believe in Teamwork
We take full responsibility for what we do

Our Awards

We love a bit of recognition for our hard work and we’re delighted to have been recognised by our peers in the brewing community. We’ve won over 180 awards so far, and we’ve been the most awarded independent craft brewery in the world for the last two years running. So, while we’ve had cause to celebrate, we also have big plans for the future.


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